TURBOSTER® the electronic governor for turbine

The TURBOSTER® is a redundant electronic governor for steam turbines which drive generators, compressors and pumps.

It is adapted to co-operate both with electrohydraulic converters (like, for example, Voith, ABB, Alstom) and with proportional valves (examples include Eaton/Vickers, Bosch Rexroth, Ponar Wadowice).

The Governor is applicable for turbines of any power rating, both in commercial power engineering and in process lines.


TURBOSTER® Governor provides the following:


- Automatic cold/hot run-up speed control allowing for thermal stress limiter and critical speed of the turbine-generator set; - Automatic synchronization of turboset with electric power grid;

- Automatic control of active power and inlet, exhaust and extraction steam pressures;

- Automatic control of process water temperature combined with automatic control of extraction or exhaust steam pressure;

- Providing process limiters, including but not limited to steam-pressure-related power limiter, on live steam pressure drop limiter, limiter actuated by pass-out steam pressure rise, limiter controlled by exhaust steam pressure rise;

- Manual operation of control valves;

- Detection and switching the governor to island operating mode;

- Controlling load rejection to idle turbine run or tripping to house load.


TURBOSTER® governor may operate with any superior system (of unit automation) supporting standard communication protocols (it is also possible to implement an optional protocol).

Moreover, TURBOSTER® governor may be interconnected with external equipment, control loops systems and measurement acquisition loops systems applicable, for instance, to visualize the turbine governor on the operator's station. The governor may be also provided with independent turbine safety system actuating tripping solenoid valves to ensure safe turbine operation.


Depending on the digital hardware platform of the governor,TURBOSTER® is available in the following versions: