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Our offer


Our main activity is focused on providing industrial automation systems.



Our offer embraces the following:


Technologies for industrial processes


- Modernizations of steam turbine automation systems

- Design and implementation of electronic governors for steam turbines

- Design and implementation measurement system for supervision of rotating machinery

- Design and implementation of turbine safety system

- Design of automation systems in various sectors of industry, especially in power engineering Implementing automation systems based on products from Polish companies (Energoautomatyka, our own products)

- Implementation of automation systems based on known worldwide companies products like GE Fanuc, Siemens, Woodward Optimizing closed-loop and open-loop control systems

- Adapting automation systems of turbine-generator sets and boilers to operate under power system failure conditions (island operation mode)

- Field service of automation system applications

- Training for specialists in automation system applications.




- Design, construction and production of dedicated electronic devices for industrial applications

- Service works for boards and modules of automation systems, both domestic and foreign companies available at Polish market.


IT applications


- IT services related to instrumentation and control systems

- Integrating various process areas operating under control of various control and automation systems (implementation of comunication links).