TURBOSTER®-ES the electronic governor for turbine

The electronic governor for steam turbine, TURBOSTER®-ES, is composed of steam-turbine-dedicated controllers of ES-SYSTEM made by Energoautomatyka Wroclaw and our company.

This solution features redundant construction for both input/output system side and controller side.

Operational back-up consists in functional redundancy operating mode wherein two totally equivalent controllers operate in parallel and simultaneously to duplicate their functions for the most important controller tasks (control loop).

It ensures a bumpless switching over of active controllers (e.g. for routine maintenance purposes).

Operator acts on the governor via two-monitor Operator's Stationwhich is made on the basis of Proficy Hmi/Scada CIMPLICITY 7.0 Systemfrom GE Fanuc Automation Company (optionally the Proficy Hmi/Scada IFIX 4.0 System from GE Fanuc Automation may be also applied) and by means of local control effected by touch type 15" LCD Panel, type EPS-01 or - for explosion hazard areas - 15" Panel, type ET-3376.

Alternately, instead of governor-dedicated operator's station, it is also possible to interconnect the governor with any existing field operator's system and using it to visualize the governor operation and to implement the control functions into the existing system.

The governor includes its internal event recorder with 10 ms resolution allowing for accurate analysis of fast industrial processes.