TURBOSTER®-GE the electronic governor for turbine

The electronic governor for steam turbine, TURBOSTER®-GE is based onRX3i controllers from PACSystems family by GE Fanuc Automation.

This solution is of full redundancy construction, both on I/O system and on controller side.

Controllers are backed-up in so called hot reserve mode which ensures bumpless switching of active processors. Redundant system of controllers is synchronized by means of fast communication bus, type Compact PCI.

Operator acts on the governor via two-monitorOperator's Stationconstructed on the basis ofCIMPLICITY HMI v. 7.0 System from GE Fanuc Automation Company (optionally the Proficy Hmi/Scada IFix 4.0 System from GE Fanuc Automation may be also applied).

According to the needs, the governor application may be supplemented with Engineer's Station to allow modifications to software for controllers and to application software for Operator's Station as well. In standard version, turbine governor is equipped with touch type graphical Operator's Panel acts as an reserve HMI interface unit.

The Panel enable the operator to monitor and to modify governor settings like from the Operator's Station.