TURBOSTER®-SI the electronic governor for turbine

The electronic governor for steam turbine, TURBOSTER®-SI is designed on the grounds of controllers and I/O boards from Siemens Series S7 300(CPU 315 and newer).

As two independent controller systems are used in the governor (Main Governor, Auxiliary Governor), the solution is of redundant structure.

Both systems work out the control signal for amplifier which uses appropriate strategy to select the signal and sends it to actuating circuits in the field.

In standard solution, operator acts on the governor via Operator's Panel, TP 270 or MP 370, made by Siemens.

Operator's Panel supports communication via RS-485 serial interface and MPI protocol.

As the processors are equipped with Profibus DP Bus, the governor may communicate with operator's system supporting this protocol, especially with WinCC or Telepermsystems.