TURBOSTER®-OV the electronic governor for turbine

The electronic governor for steam turbine TURBOSTER®-OV is based on hardware and software of the OVATION DCS system made by Emerson Process.

The central part of the governor for turbine is a redundant controller consisting of two CPU units with Intel Pentium processors and I/O modules which are interface with the object.

The Ovation Servo Driver module, also referred to as the RSR module, was used to provide closed loop control to generate an output signal that drives the valve actuator.

Also specialize Emerson's modules were used to measurement rotation speed.

These modules are generating signals for the counting rotation speed turbine algorithm according "2 out of 3" voting logic. In order to increase the reliability of the turbine protection system tripling binary outputs was applied in connecting with electronic "2 out of 3" voting logic modules, ES-23 type made by Energoster company.

Operator acts on the governor via two-monitor Operator's Station of Ovation system which is working on Sun Microsystems computers with Solaris operating system.