Module of rotation speed measurement unit ES-03

The ES-03 module is microprocessor-based programmable rotation speed converter applicable in speed control circuits for rotary machines.


The basic functions of this unit are as follows:

- to ensure rotation speed measurement, to provide signals when rotation speed exceeds specific limits,

- to provide signals when rotation speed acceleration exceeds specific limits,

- to provide 4 to 20 mA current signal in proportion to the rotation speed range declared (e.g. 4 to 20 mA equals to 0 to 3,000 rpm).


Actual rotation speed of machine is determined from a series of pulses applied to the converter input. The ES-03 unit may operate with measuring probe providing either voltage or current signal. The number of pulses corresponding to one machine turn is optionally programmed (this value may, for instance, represent the number of teeth of the pole wheel mounted on machine shaft).


The value of measured rotation speed is available either as an output current signal or as digital value in system register accessible via serial interface.


The unit boasts five separated binary signals which can be used to monitor/alarm functions when rotation speed or speed gradient exceeds adjustable threshold values.


Each output can be individually configured and also each state of any output may be made logically dependent on the state of one-out-of two binary input. Binary inputs can modify threshold values, thus allow for simple testing of overspeed protections (without forcing a machine to run with such speed), or they may actuate specific outputs to programmable algorithm (e.g. protection signals from external circuits can be OR-ed). All parameters are set and algorithms are selected by programmable modification of specific system registers in the ES-03 unit. The computer program named es03_ver2.exe is used for this purpose.


The converter is interconnected with computer via separated interface, type RS-232, which may also operate in RS-422 or RS-485 modes. The system supports both firmware protocol and MODBUS-RTU protocol to allow for data exchange with other controllers and/or other systems.


Technical documentation of the ES-03 module (only in Polish version).