Module of binary signals selector unit E23

The ES-23 module is binary signals selector unit to ensure electronic selection of "2 out of 3" logic for protection circuits. The Unit may directly actuate a relay which operates and a separator and contact multiplying device.

Two galvanically separated control outputs, open collector (OC) or PhotoMOS type (depending on design version) are also available.

The ES-23 selector unit boasts one control output to verify output load relay coil and to test individual control inputs. Control output is galvanically separated from other circuits.

The state of input lines is indicated by three green LEDs located on the front panel of the Unit. The Unit is a Surface Mounted Device (SMD)on a PC board and housed in a standard WAGO case, type 789, mountable on the TS-35 rail.


Technical documentation of the ES-23 module (only in Polish version).