Module of general purpose controller ES-16

The ES-16 module is general purpose microprocessor-based controller assigned to implementation closed/open loop control functions.


Specifications of ES-16 controller:

- four (4) 4 to 20 mA analogue inputs, 12-bit resolution, converting accuracy 0.1%;

- thirty two (32) binary inputs;

- twelve (12) binary outputs, max. load capacity 100 mA;

- digital serial interface to control external D/A converter,

- two (2) galvanically separated serial interfaces, RS-485/RS-232/RS-232, max. speed 115 kB;

- Ethernet interface, IEEE 802.3 Standard (10BASE-T);

- protocols: MODBUS RTU, PROT15;

- binary events stamped with astronomic time at 10 ms resolution;

- application program running time - max. 50 ms;


Technical documentation of the ES-16 module (only in Polish version).